Back from my Hiatus!

∼September 2, 2012∼

I am sorry that I have been away from blogging for so long. I used to blog all the time, but after I got back from Japan I must admit that life has been very hectic for me. Sure I have time for my family and friends, but despite that everything still feels hectic. Time flies by and so many things are happening at the moment. I got back from Japan many months ago and for the past months many important things have happened. I am accepted into Aarhus University and I also found a studio apartment to live in. I was just very lucky with this apartment because the renter chose my name randomly out from 150+ other applications! I honestly felt that God must have been watching out for me. I knew I would rather live in a tiny studio rather in a dormitory. I know it sounds silly, but I just want my own space now that I am moving out.

Another big reason to why I haven't been updating is because I have been processing how it's like to be back in Denmark - back to the real life. I had to process everything I learned from my three months in Japan. I am still young which is why I feel like I learned so much from staying with my host family. They are so different from what I am used to and I feel like they gave me a lot of life lessons which I can use in the future. My host mom is exactly the kind of woman I want to become - strong and independent. I come from a very female-dominated household and they all have very strong personalities which will overshadow anyone. My host mom is definitely strong, but in a different way: it was definitely the kind of person who I wanted to learn from. I am not a shy person per say, but I am definitely been raised to be so polite that I have limited myself in so many ways. I don't know if it's unusual to say that I grew a lot in the three months I was away from my family: I grew as a person and I learned a lot about what I want in life and what I expect from myself. If you want something you need to do something to get it. It makes perfect sense. I also learned that I shouldn't depend too much on others, but try to achieve my goals by myself.

When I was away, I missed my family and smaller cousins, but now that I see those michievious kids every day I miss Maya a lot. I wonder if I am exaggerating when I say she's an angel compared to my cousins? Maybe my mind is playing me a trick because I miss her because my cousins are definitely not easy kids. Most of my family tell me that I must have gotten tired of little babies and I would probably think so if they said it before I went to Japan, but now I just like kids much more than before.. I already liked kids before and now I adore them even more.. Who would have guessed that..

Now that I am beginning school soon I definitely feel like I can begin a new chapter in my life. I miss the time I was away and I miss my host family and definitely the people I met in Japan. In general I must say I miss the hard-working spirit in Japan, but overall I AM definitely happy to be back. I feel like I came back as a 'wiser' person which makes me very happy. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that I am improving myself and I am learning something new about yourself. It's like I see things in a different light now and I see people in a different light and I feel like I am a bit different. It's just a wonderful feeling.

I am just so grateful.
I will also work harder to improve myself.

Sorry for being away.
I am writing this blog entry from my apartment - My new home.

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