My Kyoto Trip During Golden Week

∼May 10, 2012∼

Last week I was in Kyōto. It was during Golden Week so there are just so many people!
Golden Week (ゴールデンウィーク Gōruden Wīku?), often abbreviated to simply GW and also known as Ōgon shūkan (黄金週間?, "Golden Week") or Ōgata renkyū (大型連休?, "Large consecutive holiday") is a Japanese term applied to the period containing 7 public holidays. 
In this week it's crazy many people everywhere. Stations, cities - just everywhere. According to my host mom Japanese people have paid leave, but due to Japanese customs they rarely take it because of peer pressure from their colleagues. When you take leave from work that means you're "burdening" your colleagues by making them do more work because you're not there. That's why it's crazy many people during Golden Week as this week most people have work off and there is no pressure because everyone is off the job. My host family says it's kind of crap that people all choose to take vacation on this week because it causes a lot of traffic jam and so on. When we went to Kyōto, we had to go to Tōkyō Station it was so hectic! Like so many people with their suitcases, all going on somewhere on the Shinkansen I presume.

If anyone says Kyoto is beautiful, then yes - that is indeed true. It's such a nice city with so much history. Temples and nature everywhere. This city surrounded by mountains: it's truly something.

People say that this city gets boring because everything happens much slower than in Tokyo. You don't have a metro in Kyoto (or at least not to the temples) and that's why they still use buses are the main transportation around Kyoto. It's not that expensive if you're only staying a couple of days. A all-day bus ticket cost 500yen :-) My trip to Kyoto was expensive because it was Golden Week, but fuck that.

Here's some of my favorite shots of the temples & misc. things, hehe.
These are all main attractions in KYOTO. It's not just random nature picture ^_^ I don't remember all the names though, sorry about that!

Kinkaku-jin: The Temple of Golden Pavilion
Ryōan-ji: Rock Garden

Bridge view of the River near Gion Street

Ginkaku-jin: The Temple of Silver Pavilion

Philosopher's Path
Young females wearing kimono in Gion: Kyoto encourages people to wear traditional clothing like kimono

Arashiyama and Sagano

Here's a little surprise picture!!
This is what I have been so excited about and it was so fun.

I dressed up as a Maiko-san! I can do a post of this if anyone is interested! ^_^
Going to sleep now. Bahhh~ I am sleepy and tired!

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