Week 4-5: Last Sakura & Exploring Tokyo on my Own

∼April 26, 2012∼

This is going to be a image heavy post :) This post is a little overdue, but I haven't had much time.
In week 4-5 I was in all sorts of places: New friends I met in Tokyo left in those weeks and it's just makes me kind of sad that new friends leaving already, but that's how it is. Foreigners can't stay forever here in Japan. Sad truth.

Moving on.. In those weeks I was in many places, but sometimes I forget to bring my camera with me several time so I couldn't take any pictures. I don't worry much about it though because I still have some time left before leaving. The new places I have been are Akihabara which is known to be a bit crazy; maid cafees, anime and manga stuff. It's very geeky place and sleazy too because you see a lot of men and also porn and sex shops :) Yutenji and Daikan-yama are also new places I have been to. Tadadanobaba I went to recently. Honestly ever single ward are really nice and so different.

For those reading my blog, I was saying in Week 3 that cherry blossoms where falling from its branches and I wish to more cherries before they disappeared and I was lucky! I found some the following weekend when I went through a flowerpark leading to Nakameguro. I know when people go traveling they only go to these well-known places like Harajuku, Shibuya, Shinjuku and so on, but really.. Tokyo is such a big place and if you go to a random place I am sure you won't be disappointed. I am always amazed about the little things which makes me happy. Imagine being excited about little things which means you'll be super excited when you see something great.

To make up for lack of words, here's a ton of pictures. I have lots of pictures, but these are some handpicked ones ;-)
On my way to the flower park, I snapped this picture in the middle of the street.

Even though it's not a famous street or anything, in general all Japanese streets are like this. Or the ones in Tokyo. Looks pretty right?

Most cherries blossoms at that time has already fallen down and you can obviously see the leaves on the trees now. That day I was lucky to see some which were still in full-bloom; either because of the lack of sun or heat the tree has been getting.

I am getting better at taking random sneak pictures of people. I love these pictures. It's shows a side of Japan which is more personal because these are people.

SAKURA SPAM. I found a weeping sakura tree in full-bloom (=branches are pointing downwards as well as the sakura)!!!

Naka-meguro! Notice how pretty the sakura looks when it's on the ground. It's like snow.

Eating lunch at SPAJIRO which is a pasta place and it's so delicious and cheap as well. Around 1000yen and you can choose your size like small, medium and large without any extra charge.

I got the Spaghetti Vongole with Garlic. So delicious.

The sakura is gone :-(

Daikan-yama and it's super posh clothing shops. This place is not for me. It's too expensive, but area is so damn nice!

It's impossible to NOT see vending machines in Japan! they love them vending machines.

Stopped by the ward Yūtenji which is named after the temple called Yūtenji.

My obsession with bread has gone crazy since I got here. I LOVE MELON-PAN.

Sweet Maya smiling. She's laughing and smiling more often now when I take pictures of her.

Taking advantage of her good mood!

I went to see a movie at Roppongi Hills! Every Wednesday is Women's Night which means that it cost 1000yen for a movie ticket.

My lunch! Everyday is different hehe.

Sorry for this post. This is by far one of my worse posts. ^_^ but I have something exciting for next post which is my ONSEN TRIP!!!!!! hehehe

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