Tokyo's first Sakura + Ueno Zoo

∼April 2, 2012∼

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Saturday we went to the Ueno Zoo near the Ueno Station.
Below is the Ameyokocho entrance which is a market street which I didn't pass this time, but you can tell it's pretty popular place :-)

Saturday had a pretty shitty weather, but I thought I'd share some pictures of some of the animals and most importantly the sakura trees which are blossoming now! <3 It's going to be crazy with the sakura these next two weeks! As some might know, sakura begins blooming in the spring and they are gone after two weeks so it's a very exciting time for all Japanese people. In this time of year most people do Hanami (= sakura viewing under the trees while drinking). The sakura are starting to bloom now, but because of the weather many moved the Hanami to next week while others who don't look at the weather forecast was forced to sit under a cherry tree while it was pouring down with rain. Poor people, but at least they had fun! The sakura are blooming a bit later than previous years, but they are blooming now! I saw my first one in Ueno and it was so pretty. There are apparently two kinds of sakura: the pink one and the white-pink one. The latter being the 'better one' if you can say that. I saw both, but only the pink sakura was bloomed fully while the white-pink one was just half out of it's buds so it wasn't nearly as luscious.

I asked the father of my host family and he said these are the pink ones which blooms quicker:

This is apparently the white-pink one along the park that's near Ueno Station. It's a very beautiful park with sakura trees along the walking street.

They are so beautiful, but seeing how the weather kept getting worse we went along to the Zoo which was our main purpose. It wasn't my idea to go, but I at least wanted to see how it was like and I can say that I don't recommend going to the Ueno Zoo. Honestly speaking, it's not really a good zoo at all. I know some people say that zoos are just zoos and it's the same thing everywhere and it's true in this case. It's not particularly pretty and the view is not fantastic either because you see like the high buildings. The animal seemed kind of depressed as well and there weren't many animals in some cages so it felt quite lonely for some animals IMO. I don't recommend this zoo, but then again: it's only 600yen so maybe when you're bored and it's a nice sunny day, then go for it! Shitty rainy weather + zoo which is mostly outside = major fail ;-)

THE MOST POPULAR ANIMAL: THE PANDA! They had like panda statues everywhere in the Zoo
Can you see what I mean by the animals looking really depressed and sad?? They look like they are thinking: 'What a sad life'. Maybe I am just overthinking this, but they look miserable. Because they looked so depressed it made me sort of depressed too because I remember that these are like wild animals in cages. I was also bummed out about the weather so after a while I just wanted to get out of the Zoo and warm and dry myself! We agreed after watching most of the animals that we should go eating so we went to Shibuya and ate at a pizza place near Hachiko Square. We finished off with dessert. I had a fudgy chocolate cake and one of my friends ate cheesecake

So yeah, this day was sort of bad because of the weather. I can say that I will never leave the house without an umbrella if I know it's going to rain and I will never go to outdoor places if it's raining.

Thanks for reading and the follow-up of this post is the Penis Festival I was attending the following day!

YES.. You read that right.. I said PENIS FESTIVAL! Japan is kinda crazy ya know.

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