Kanamara Matsuri aka Penis Festival!

∼April 4, 2012∼

No, the title is not misspelled. It's Penis as in Phallus as in a man's genital organ. There is indeed a festival in Japan which revolves around the penis!

doesn't it look so wrong?!!!
This is actually a proper festival they celebrate each year in the Spring:
The Shinto Kanamara Matsuri (かなまら祭り "Festival of the Steel Phallus"?) is held each spring at the Kanayama shrine (金山神社) in Kawasaki, Japan. The exact dates vary: the main festivities fall on the first Sunday in April. The penis, as the central theme of the event – is reflected in illustrations, candy, carved vegetables, decorations, and a mikoshi parade. - source
I found out about this from a friend and she wanted to go so badly while I was sort of confused. Did I really want to go to a place where they are going to worship the penis?? I wasn't jumping with happiness, but I was interested to see how this was going to play out. I went on Sunday and it was also the day a friend was leaving Tokyo. A mixture of fun and sad day! I am going to miss her since she was so sweet!

So yeah, the ceremony starts at 10AM, but we were late by an hour. When we arrived to Kawasaki, there were so many people! Japanese and also foreigners like me. We walked to this shrine and they were selling lots of penis shaped things or something that had something to do with the penis. It was like PENIS PENIS EVERYWHERE. Also people were everywhere. It was a good weather so I was so hot and there were so many people around me so I felt even hotter. I had to take off my jacket and hold that huge thing, but nonetheless it was really awesome (weird too) to see all these things.

It was so funny because everybody would take picture of everybody. People would be sucking on their dick lollipops and they would burst out laughing because it's sort of funny. Guys would be sucking on dick lollipops or pussy lollipops (notice one of the pictures says PENIS 600yen PUSSY 600yen LOL). Some foreigners would talk very loudly about how to suck a dick. The whole thing is just so bizarre. People dress up and they sing and chants while they carry this huge penis around the town. Japan is so odd like this. You'd think that Japan was more conservative, but no. THEY ARE NOT CONSERVATIVE AT ALL. Some things in the media about Japan is a bit distorted, but sometimes the crazy things you see about Japan is probably true. Gotta say that not all Japanese people know about this festival :)

Okay, so we eventually became hungry and I was honestly a bit tired of being among too many people so we went in a Okonomiyaki place. I unfortunately didn't eat Okonomiyaki, but Monjayaki which I didn't really enjoy as I saw how delicious Okonomiyaki looked like! Okonomiyaki and Monjayaki are pancakes with a variety of ingredients and Monjayaki is more runny and gewey than Okonomiyaki.

After the dinner, we went off shopping in the Koreatown of Tokyo by the Shin-Okubo station and they have a lot of like Korea dishes, snacks, food, music so go there if you want some Korean things idol things. In that area we met a group called ALMA KAMINIITO who are from Japanese people from Peru?

Isn't it obviously that he singing for me? LOL jk. I did add them on Facebook though because I have no
shame :) You can just add them and like their Fanpage if you want. Their names are Munehiko Hiko and Eric Fukusaki (cute guitarist) if you're curious.

After shopping we went to Ochia and got ready. We went to a drinking place and I met some new people so yay!

We did some bowling, eating again and karaoke. I didn't catch the last train so I had to take taxi home. FML. I was also tired the following day. So for certain, I'm never doing this again on a regular day! It's only because it was a goodbye party. Overall it was such a nice day because I saw lots of things and met some new people. I hope to meet them again sometime!

Yes, that's it! This post is so odd because it's about penises
XD but yeah, it's interesting right??? so yeah Bye guys, xo.

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