Week 3: Somewhat tiring week

∼March 30, 2012∼

It's already been 3 weeks so time really flies! I'm *already* going home in a 2 months time. I didn't know that time would fly that fast. I'm kind of dreading leaving Tokyo when I sort of have gotten used to life here. At times it does get a bit boring and lonely since I don't speak Japanese and I don't know many people either, but overall I really love this city. *if any Tokyo people are reading this, hit me up! ;)* 
This week I haven't been too many places. After work I'm usually really tired and I just want to relax, but my host family urges me to go places which is really nice. Since I don't know squat about Tokyo it's nice of my host family to point of the special places.

When I babysit Maya, it's usually not too difficult, but it can be very tiring.

I guess that I now understand why parents are tired all the time. Babies are hard work I tell you! Babies in general are very needy after attention all the time so when I'm with Maya I try to focus on her all the time and yes, that tires me out, hehe. I'm used to kids, but in small doses. She's so sweet, but sometimes she has mood-swings and she's so unpredictable. Luckily she takes some naps throughout the day and that gives me some time for myself :) but I usually take naps with her LOL. Also times I enjoy are when I eat lunch and she's with her mother and I can just relax and eat my lunch. 

The pictures shows my usual lunch for about 600-900yen and it's bought at a Japanese place and only Japanese people buy from there. It's very Japanese which is why foreigners don't buy the lunch boxes from there? It's called *something*-don which means something on top of rice. The *something-part* could be anything from chicken, pork etc. I enjoy my lunch time the most even if I have to hurry eating it XD

After that we head back home and stop by an station called Naga-meguro.

I want to go there sometime. I heard it's a very good area even if it's not known for anything specific. Near here there is a road where it's lined up with cherry trees! Around this station is usually when Maya gets a bit impatient with me. Baby girl Maya is usually the hardest when I'm on the train which is twice a day and makes up 1 hour in total. 
She's at her "worst" when after her afternoon nap and we have to take the trains to Roppongi.

When it comes to babies, I can be very sweet, but when they are naughty I can be strict as well (not in a overly-mean way, but just stern!! I love babies, hehe). The thing about being strict on trains is a tricky things. In Japan inside the trains, people are usually dead silent! They don't speak and for the matter of fact, they take out their phones immediately after entering. Sometimes Maya cries and winces in the train and I can't help but feel a bit helpless because sometimes you just can't comfort her and you can't tell her not to cry because people are staring at you in this silent train. 2 minutes of a crying baby in what used to be silent train feels like a noisy train and the next stop feels like forever. You can't escape since you're in a train and sometimes comforting the baby just doesn't work! It's a psychological thing the mom of my host family says. You feel pressure from these silent people on the train and people are just watching how you're going to handle this situation with the baby! Luckily I haven't had so many crying-fits of Maya in trains, but recently when she went home with the mother she cried so much that the mom had to carry her from her pram while exiting the train and then walking the pram with the baby in her arms home from a totally different station than usual. Babies sure are hard to satisfy sometimes: leave them for 2 seconds and they will begin to cry LOL. Poor baby, a whole 2 seconds being alone.

Besides work, I have been going to Shibuya a lot. There were many people as usual and I'm not over-exaggerating!
Also I found a 300yen store which was awesome!

That's a lot people right?!!! I can't even see the ground! People are just walking everywhere and in every direction when the lights turn green. It's quite fun to watch because they look like ants.

When I go Shibuya, I usually take the express trains and those are known to be quite crowded. Sometimes I can't help but laugh at the situation. It's funny to think that yesterday I was not holding on to anything, but I was still able to stand up because they were so many people in there so I could just lean my body on others and that held my body up. It's funny that you're literally pressed up against everybody in the train. I've never tried that before in Denmark, London, Paris! Another funny thing I see is couples on trains. I see a lot of couples in express trains and the thing girls and guys do is HILARIOUS! Girls will be like holding on to their boyfriend and like *accidentally* tripping and then holding on to their BF's clothes. Then they're like 'oh I'm so sorry, hope you don't mind' and the guys like 'baby hold on tight. This train is sure moving a lot' (me exaggerating, but basically something like that). Guys does the macho thing and girls are being all weak. I swear I crack up every time I see a situation like that. A girl even did this cough thing and I was acting so weak like she was going to faint right next to me. She then leaned in to her BF's chest and was like *cough cough*. HAHAHAHA. I'm sorry, I think it's hilarious. Just imagine the situation with the macho guys and weak girls pretending to do this 'act'. Maybe it's just me who sees something funny in everything here. It's just too cliched to be true. It's something I read in manga so I never expected to see grown people do this! Haha, sorry about that little train-rant and moving on to something else which is more useful. 

This week I was in one new area: I went to Shimokitazawa and went to Jiyūgaoka again (which I will do an entire separate post on.

If you have been to many areas of big areas like Ginza, Roppongi, Shibuya you'll notice right away how different those areas are compared to Shimokitazawa and Jiyūgaoka. These two areas are very similar in some ways. They are both relatively small areas with lots of small and narrow streets with loads of boutiques. Shimokitazawa was a very different and cool area. It's sort of a hippy place. That was actually my first thought when I exited the station. The people, the clothing stores and just generally the whole vibe of the area were just very different. It's kind of a funky urban underground kind of place. It's hard to explain now without any pictures, but for those going to Tokyo, you should check this place out. Jiyūgaoka is similar to Shimokitazawa, but it's more upscale and I guess fancier and looks more clean whereas Shimokitazawa is more rough. Both areas are so cosy and they are also the most wanted areas Japanese people want to live in.

I always try to go to some places after I am off work, but sometimes I get really tired. Working and then go exploring the city is tiring. I enjoy my alone time a lot, but there's nothing greater than feeling at home when you arrive at your own station.

I just love going back to something familiar opposed to going to somewhere completely new on your own. When I go exploring on my own, I can't help but feel a bit confused. What direction should I go? What exactly do I want to see. I just randomly go into boutiques and sometimes I find good stuff. Other times I realize I just walked into an old ladies shop which is why people stare at me!

Today I ate dinner at a French place and this is my second time eating there. The chef is a close friend of the family and I swear the food is great there. The chef's name is Yoshio Matsumoto and his place is called Vent Du Midi.

The food that was made is not on the menu, it's just something the chef feels like making, but it's always a multiple course meal.
Puffs with cheese, smoked salmon on pancake and anchovies & tomatoes on banquet.
A flatfish, shrimps, broccoli and daikon 
celery soup

Homemade baguettes with butter & virgin olive oil 
beef, broccoli, poached egg in red wine sauce  
Homemade vanilla ice cream on top of apricot tart with raspberry sauce on the sides
Finishing with herb tea

Yoshimoto-san and me. *I'm looking sort of drunk here, but it's just because it's so warm!*
I was very full after this dinner! He's an amazing chef. This is like a proper fancy dinner where you can talk and there is a wait between every meal and it's just the right time. It's handy to have amazing chefs as close friends. I was pretty beat after this so we went home and straight to bed. Tomorrow I am going to the Ueno Zoo and some other things in the weekend. Hopefully it will be eventful hehe.

Here's face of Friday and also outfit of that day ;-) I'm looking more tired these days and I guess more natural, haha. I am temporarily laying of the shimmer blushes because the baby gets shimmer on her face when I kiss her so I switched to a matte blush instead. Clothes is from Forever21 lol. 

See ya next time! I have a couple of more posts in queue!
Bye! xo

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