Tea is The New Coffee + I won a Giveaway!

∼March 6, 2012∼


Sister and I just bought new tea! We were looking for chai tea, but we got this one instead which is very reminiscent of chai tea. It's by the brand YOGI TEA and the formula is cinnamon, cardamom and ginger with a touch of clover and black pepper. It's not really as sweet as I wanted, but it taste good and the scent is like delicious. I'm picking up the flavor 'Sweet Chai'! 

I love anything with cinnamon and something sweet & warm. I'm at my aunt's house and we're just relaxing and drinking tea. My aunt's mother in law made homemade sesame balls and it's tasty~ I didn't expect that. We've been playing with out baby cousins so when they sleep we love to sit back with some tea and talk. Also playing wordfeud is cosy too. Now I'm just looking forward to sleep~

As the title says! I won a Giveaway! 
It was hosted by sweet Sara at pretty-peepers.blogspot.com! (thanks for hosting the Giveaway!) She does circle lens reviews, post about make-up and daily life posts. She also knows how to draw which really motivates me to draw more when fellow bloggers draw so well. Follow her; she's awesome

I found out about this just earlier today and when I found out, I was super excited because I've never won a Giveaway before. Even my sister started to jump with me because we aren't really used to anything like this at all. She didn't even know what a Giveaway was and neither did I before I started to blog more regularly. I've realized that it's an easy way to follow/find blogs you might be interested in when you don't know where exactly to look. Also I was surprised that I won Sara's giveaway as I didn't even realize she had one until a couple of days ago. So I guess I was really lucky ^_^ 

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