Man Was in the Forest

∼March 9, 2012∼

Today my aunt, baby cousin, sister and I went to something called 'Dyrehaven' which literally translates as the Animal Garden but it is basically a deer park.

The city is called Esbjerg therefor the place is not surprisingly named 'Esbjerg Dyrehaven' after it's city. It's an enclosed forest area close where it's possible to enter, but impossible for deer to escape as the gates have to be pulled to be opened. When we first arrived to the place, I didn't see/read the sign when I entered and it was only after exiting the park that I realizing somethings. Apparently there were some warnings about the park and they advised one to not get to close to the deer calves and the deer with antlers.. All I can say is 'woops' I guess. The sign also said that the park herds 3 kinds of deer: Kronhjort (Red Deer), Sikavildt (Sika Deer) and Dådyr (Fallow Deer). I'm not sure which ones we saw were, but maybe you guys can recognize them?

When we first arrived and just as we entered the gate, we already saw 5-6 deer. There were already people feeding the deer with cornflakes so we just started to feed them too. We brought raw spaghetti which they seemed to love. I have NEVER been so close to a deer in my life! I was a bit scared at first, but after feeding them I just got used to them.

I really like the baby deer because it looked so cute. It's was a bit shy compared to the rest, but I guess it's because it's a baby. It had the prettiest fur because it was so light and orange while many of the others were rather grey. The flock we was feeding eventually left after eating a bit so we thought of following them, but then all of a sudden I see a big flock of deer walking our direction!

I got to feed one with antlers which was what I anticipated the most when I got there!
This one looked a bit bruised.. I think the deer also fight here because it had a couple of scars in the face and it's eye was a bit odd-looking.

We all had a chance to feed the deer!

Notice how in the last picture the doe is running away from my cousin. He's so lovable! He likes them so much and gets so excited but his excitement only scares the deer. He runs after it and that only makes it run away faster. One time he accidentally fell because he was running which made all the deer jump and scatter away! So funny! The deer are very tame so good thing they didn't try to 'fight him' and after his running after them, these deer left as well.

I wanted to follow them so bad or look for some other deer and I just started to look everywhere to see if I could spot anything walking towards us or just anywhere near us. I wanted to continue feeding the deer, but I wasn't sure if my aunt agreed to that  Luckily she said that we could go further into the forest if we wanted to so badly! *hehe* I wanted to see more deer. They all look the same, but it's so fun to feed them.

We came to a crossroad and my aunt said that they were many on the right side last time she was there so we walked that way.

Unfortunately that was the wrong way and we went back and then we saw this:

The feeding started again! This time we got much closer because we weren't afraid anymore! They were so adorable and they even ran up to us.

The biggest buck we saw was this one my cousin is feeding!

My aunt said that these were rather small. There are some there are WAY bigger than these. I guess it's because we only saw the Fallow Deer and Sika Deer. The Red Deer are way bigger so we probably didn't see those. It's okay, I think bigger than these and I'd be too afraid to approach them. I like small better, but it would be cool to see the big ones.. Just a glance.. Maybe next time I'm luckier..

After all the feeding, we ended our trip and headed home. It was so fun and I want to do it again!!! Maybe next time aunt wont let my cousin get so close to the animals. She didn't read the sign either and my cousin is actually quite aggressive. Other than that, I loved today. The best thing was the whole experience and it's so good that the pictures were nice even though the deer were moving all over the place. I personally think the pictures are so pretty and the first one (the top of this post) is SO extremely beautiful! It's look like something out of a movie! I didn't shoot the pics by the way. They were all shot by my sister Sandy. She just knows how to take pictures and when to wait and snap the perfect moment. If you guys like it, then here's link to her blog:! She's way more talented in photography than I am, but I'm good with editing pictures so I guess we both have a talent! I know there were a lot of pictures in this post, but compared to how many we took: this is really nothing. Every picture was so pretty so I had a hard time choosing!

Oh well. This blog post sure took me a long time to finish! I'm sleepy now, so I'm saying Goodnight~

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