Last day in Denmark

∼March 11, 2012∼

It's already time for me to go. It's weird to think how fast time flies because it feels like a week ago I knew for certain I was going to Japan. Now it's already time.

Yesterday my family and I had dinner together  because my cousin turned 3. My family said that this was also sort of a goodbye dinner for me too. I must admit that it didn't hit me that I was going until they said their goodbyes and wished me my best. This is really happening! I am in fact traveling to another city in a different country to live and work. It's so surreal because now I'm all alone in the airport. My family just left and now I'm just waiting for the airplane. This is typing from my tablet on the free wifi in the airport hehe!

There is definitely an odd feeling in my stomach. This is my first time traveling totally alone. No help to get from family, only strangers. I hope this won't be scary an I hope to meet new people. Right now I don't know anybody in Japan besides my host family which means I need to cope being alone for a while. I don't worry much about that. I just hope I'll be able to adjust to Japan.

When I come to Japan I definitely have some expectations for myself that I need to fulfill. I think ny family does too. My family wishes that I do well because they feel like they are sending their family away so I need to show that I am from a good family. I also sense that my family is worried because I am sort of the youngest adult so I guess I am the lucky princess of the bunch because I never had it hard when it came to chores.

This motivates me to do well. I'm going to work hard while still trying to enjoy my stay in Japan.

Hope I'm not boring you :-) I just have a lot of thoughts right not.
- Next time I'm posting, it'll be from Japan. I can't wait to blog about it ;-)


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