First impression of Japan

∼March 19, 2012∼

I'm so sorry for not being able to blog! I thought I would have some time (and energy) to blog, but I don't :/
I originally wanted to update my blog every single day so I could update whoever reading my blog, but it's a lot harder than I thought. Aupair is work so of course I become very tired each day and honestly sometimes I really don't have the energy to blog. I've only been here for over a week, but I'm beginning to see a fixed pattern and I got to tell you that I don't really spend that much time on my computer as I did back home. I feel like I don't have an opportunity to do a proper blog post. For example, right now I'm trying to hurry and write this in the middle of the nights.

So if you're wondering how I've been, I can tell you guys that I'm fine and having a great time while still feeling tired because of work. If people say that Japan is awesome then yes, those people are right. It's Winter to beginning of Spring now and it's actually getting a lot warmer. I'm boiling the most of the time, so really. If you're going to Tokyo now the weather is really not too cold. Unless you live in a warm area right now XD
I live in Tokyo which is the capital and I can tell you that it's exciting and there are lots of things to see, do and eat. Tokyo is a big place so I live in a area which is called Gakugei-daigaku (or at least the station does) and it's a nice little area. It's not really known for anything special, but it's a nice place with also lots of restaurants and such, but not like big malls, shop departments and such. It's nice though. I like this way better than to live a super busy place. Even though I say that Tokyo is awesome, I do however feel like it's a very impersonal place to live. People are super polite over here which I love, but it doesn't really have any sort of edge to it. Everybody is very similar over here and it does make it seem very impersonal and odd to see. Also everybody likes to walk in very fast paces. Their walk is like my powerwalk. It's not that it's a bad thing, but sometimes I just wonder if they ever stop up and think that maybe they should just relax a bit and just enjoy the sky or something. It's just seems odd that no one thinks about how nice it is here. Everybody is just too occupied in their minds to actually just enjoy the time. Maybe it's just me babbling because I'm often off duty when I see these people.
Other than that, my first impression of Japan is great. I love the cleanness of this place, I love the friendliness and I love the unlimited amount of goods they have over here.

My host family is very nice. They are so sweet and the baby is adorable as well. They teach me all sorts of things while taking me out on all these different kinds of places in Tokyo. Just the second day I arrived in Tokyo, we had udon which is a sort of noodle soup and I just happen to stick my chopsticks so it was placed vertically on my side dish which was rice with minced tuna: apparently you shouldn't do that because it symbolizes death! Another thing I learned was that people don't talk in trains! It's very quiet on trains and people consider it very rude when you speaking on their phone in the trains. It's not a rule or anything, but just a no-thing because people just think it's rude. That's why you always see people texting in the trains. I can understand it a bit since there are a lot of working people on the train and they probably don't want to hear about you yabbing on about whatever. Maybe when I get back to Denmark and see people talking on their phones on busses/trains I will think like like 'damn these people are so rude!' I probably will. I am becoming politer by each day and I am already VERY polite so yeah.. you get used to this in Japan. People are just so mad polite in stores, you walk past they greet you, you walk into the store they greet you, you walk out they greet you. EVERYTHING is like polite- Japanese people are like the mother of politeness.

Okay, enough about that. So far I've been to Shibuya which is known for their shopping places and the Shibuya crossing. It's mad fun and the good thing about that is that you can see the massive people on the other side and then you approach the mass while they approach you which is amazingly intense. The shopping malls in Shibuya are endless- right from little boutiques to big department stores like Shibuya 109 and then also food places are everything. Unlimited access to a lot of things here in Shibuya. Everybody is so trendy and the girls are so pretty. They look like dolls right out from a magazine. I can tell that the Liz Lisa style is very popular here. Girls love the feminine and soft dolly look. They love bows and all that girly stuff. They are very pretty and their style is very like preppy bohemian while still looking very feminine, soft and petite. I have also been to Ginza, Jiyūgaoka and Roppongi. All those were great for different reasons.
If you like small time many boutiques then Jiyūgaoka is for you, if you like high class shopping places then Ginza is perfect. If you like nightlife and foreigners then go to Roppongi.

I'm sorry about this massive block of text! I haven't been able to take proper pictures even though I've been to so many places. From next week, I will try harder.

I'm making another blog post very soon with pictures and some tips :)

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