.10 Nail Art: Harry Potter

∼March 5, 2012∼

I'm not happy with my mani at all! >___< I wanted to paint the logos of the Hogwarts Houses, but it was too detailed for me to draw and there wasn't enough space for me to draw it on my nails. I thought that I might be able to do it, but half way through the Gryffindor logo I thought it was too difficult and I could also see that it looked so bad~ haha. The names of the Houses couldn't even fit lol. (Notice how it only says 'GRYF')

The only one that came out like perfect was my thumb. It's definitely my favorite nail! I even painted shadows and highlight when I made this! I'm keeping this and tomorrow I'm re-doing the rest of my nails and I'll will paint a lightning bolt, the Snitch, the symbol of Deathly Hallows and stars. 
All are big motives so it's more manageable. <3

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