That Asian Event

∼February 5, 2012∼

Yesterday I went to this Asian event which celebrated Lunar New Year.
Unfortunately for us, it snowed that day which meant that people from out of town didn't show up after all.
Completely understandable because I wouldn't go to another town if it snowed and you had to take the car to get to town.
It was really fun and cosy though because we went with a large group of people. In the beginning it was a girl's night-out, but the guys joined too.
That's really luckily for us. The thought of being in a small group just makes me shudder! Imagine being in a club with few people and then you're also few in people too. Damn. I feel bad for those. That's just really awkward. I've tried it before so I know the feeling lol. I sometimes wish that Asian parties (where I'm from) were as fun as Danish parties. Maybe it's just my city.

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