Review: GnG/Dueba X9 Queenie Grey

∼February 12, 2012∼

This is my second pair of Queenie Grey so that alone tells you how much I love them.
I never did a review last time I bought them, but this time I thought I might as well do it.
The reason why I bought these lenses in the first place was because I really want the NEO Glamour Series, but I couldn't find them (or at least not so cheap), so I found something in a similar design. Compared to the NEO series, I think the Queenie does look extremely similar.
Now I've never owned the NEO Glamour series, but just based from pictures of the design, I can tell the pattern is similar.

Here's how the look:
DIA: 14.5mm 。BC: 8.6 。Water Content: 38% 
In different lightings:

Color & pattern: 4½/5 The color is blue-ish grey and is not a light grey: when you put it in, they appear dark grey-ish, but they show up really well when there's light. It has a yellow/orange sunburst in the middle. The limbal ring is dark grey and it's a broken one. Meaning that it's not a solid limbal ring (like most circle lenses), but more like dashed: it consists of short/long lines that point into the center of the lens. The lens and colors blend very well with my eyes because the colors also consist of lines and so they have space in between them. The color is also not opaque as it's one of those lenses which are more natural and blend more easily with your own eyes. Overall a interesting pattern and a very nice color which could have been lighter IMO.

Enlargement: 1.5/5 Very little enlargement even though it's a 14.5mm. If I compare my eyes with my recently bought Natural 3-tone Honey Brown I see that the Queenies are indeed bigger, but the broken limbal makes it appear like they aren't as big and maybe even smaller than the 14mm with slight solid limbal ring. I can see that my eyes are slightly enlarged because my eyes don't usually reach my lower lash-line.The limbal ring is so important when it comes to enlarging your eyes and this one doesn't enlarge much.

Comfort: 5/5 Hands down the most comfortable lens I've ever worn and I've had a lot of lenses (GEO, EOS, DUEBA, GNG). I literally can't feel the lens in my eye. It's so thin! It's so comfortable. <3 Can wear these forever if I wanted to.

Natural? So natural. It's mostly because of the pattern of this lens. It has 3 tones, broken limbal ring, gradual sunburst in the middle of the lens. It's so natural and you can wear this with no to minimal make-up. I just happen to wear LOTS of make-up when I made this review, but these lenses can be worn without much. Though I'd NEVER wear any colored lenses without make-up. Then I'd rather just go bare-faced 

Overall: ♥♥♥♥½/5 I was so close to giving it full marks because love them so much, but if only the grey was a little lighter! Also I'm more into natural lenses than dolly lenses which is why I obviously rate them higher than I'd rate dolly circle lenses. Not only is it natural, but makes my eyes look more mysterious. I also like that they are so comfortable.

〜 Buy if you like natural lenses, don't care for enlargement, has small eyes (like me!)
※ Don't buy if you want bigger eyes, very dramatic eyes

Where I bought it: kiwiberry1-collection.

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