Review: GnG/Dueba - Natural 3-Tone Honey Brown

∼February 9, 2012∼

The store where I usually buy my lens solution, recently changed brands so now they carry this kind of lens-case. (edit: it's called a barrel lens case)
I've therefore switched all of my lenses into these cases because the solution only works with this type:

According to the pamphlet from the solution:
[...] The antimicrobial soaking case has been developed using an active ingredient based on the inorganic silver ion. It has been known for many years that silver possesses antimicrobial properties. Test results show that the lens case demonstrates good efficacy against four key organisms. The presence of the silver addictive will also prevent biofilm build-up in the lens case, thus providing significant benefits of extra safety.
I actually like this kind of lens-case way better than the traditional ones. With this lens case, you fill solution up to the line and then you put the lenses in the baskets of the barrel, close it and put it in the solution. So if there happen to be dust or anything it will sink to the bottom. Also it's easier to take the lenses out of the cases. I always notice that in the traditional lens-cases there seems to be dust in the solution so your lenses are basically swimming in the dusty solution. Also when you pick it up, high chances that you'll get like some of the dust on the lens or your fingers or maybe it's just me.

On with the review!
I'm going to show the colors of the lenses, so I figured it'd be easier if I showed it in the traditional lens-case:

Now on to different lighting. btw. I'm not sure if anyone still does reviews like this LOL but that's how I do it.

Enlargement: 2/5 There's is not much of a enlargement. It's a very minimal enlargement because the lens is only a 14mm. It does have a dark (not so solid) outer rim so it does provide some enlargement. Personally I think these are the perfect enlargement for me because my eyes seem bug-eyed really easily if the outer rim is just a little too dark, thick or solid. They doesn't appear to be too small or too big which is good. There are times though where I think that the lenses are too small, but that's because I'm not used to seeing my eyes so light and with that obvious outer darker rim.

Color & pattern: 5/5 In real life I thought they seemed too vampire-like because the color is a mixture between brown, orange, yellow-ish, but after a while, they seem so natural. On picture they are so pretty and since I have brown eyes, I think it's really pretty to have lighter-shaded eyes because that makes your eyes POP! Also the eyes are multicolored in those colors I have mentioned before and has three "layers": the outer black/brown rim, the mixture of light brown/orange and in the middle we have the sunburst in the color of golden orange. These are similar to GnG/Dueba Puffy 3-tones Hazel Brown and also Dolly Eye Natural 3-tone Brown!

Comfort: 3.5/5 fyi I have only worn them a couple of times, but I don't think it's the most comfortable lenses, but definitely not uncomfortable either. They make my eyes dry a little bit, but I can wear them up to 6-8 hours without eye-drops so it's good. I wouldn't say these were the type of lens where you forget you're wearing them because you can feel them. You can feel that you're wearing lenses, but it's not in a uncomfortable way.

Natural? Yes, these lenses are natural in a unnatural way. At first I thought it looked unnatural, but then when you get you to it, it look natural. A little confusing, but I hope it can be understood. From a distance they look mysterious and pretty, but when you come SUPER close you can see how pixilated the pattern is, but even then it's very natural! They look really natural in pictures and almost hazel-ish. I like how they brighten ones eyes.

Don't know why, but I noticed that many likes to blur their picture. I'm just copying :')

Worth it? Definitely worth it. I love these. Thank God I didn't buy another failed lens!
Overall: /5

Hoped someone found this useful. I don't think it's a popular lens at all! but it's definitely worth a try for those who is looking for something that's for daily-wear. These lenses are not so dramatic so you won't need to have much make-up on to make it work.

I bought it from: kiwiberry1-collection.

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