Review: GnG/Dueba - Barbie/Aloha Brown

∼February 25, 2012∼

I bought these last year. I thought they looked too big on me, so I never wore them again, but I wore them again a while ago and I think I liked them better. These are exactly the same design as GEO's Honey Wing and I believe these Aloha Browns are also called Aloha Big Wing or Barbie Brown? The only difference between GEO's Honey Wing and Aloha Brown is the size (DIA). Aloha has a DIA of 14.5mm while GEO is 14mm. I bought these because I liked Honey Wing's design, but I thought it would be prettier if the lens were bigger. I have already owned a pair of Honey Wings, but I didn't like that they looked too natural on me so I wanted bigger lenses.
Before I bought 14.5mm lenses, I never knew that 0.5mm could make such a huge difference!

The Aloha Brown are actually quite natural even though I think they are one of the bigger sizes. If I remember right, the Aloha Browns are darker (including the limbal ring) compared to Honey Wings.

Here's how they look like:
DIA: 14.5mm 。BC: 8.6 。Water Content: 38% 
In different lighting:

Color & pattern: 4/5 A totally dupe of GEO Honey Wing Brown, but these are just 14.5mm instead of 14mm. I believe that these are not as light as GEO and the limbal ring is darker too. Also they are appear light brown when you look at the lens itself, but when you wear them it's obvious that it's not a color changing lens. It's just a SLIGHT color change from brown to a little lighter. I don't recommend for those who wants to have an obvious color change. There is little design and that makes it look less pixilated. IMO I don't think they are very pixilated, maybe if you look very closely you'll see that dotted (non-solid) limbal ring.

Enlargement: 4/5 These definitely enlarge my eyes. Like very much. My eyes easily look enlarged because I have sleepy eyes so my eyes don't always touch my lower lash line, but yeah. These make my eyes look so dolly!

Comfort: 4/5 Even though they are big, they are very comfortable! At first I wasn't too used to them, but after wearing them for a while, they were very comfortable. I had to use eye-drops though. I did that after wearing them for 5 minutes just to be safe because I'm not used to wearing so big lenses.

Natural? 3/5 Depending on how big your eyes are, they can be very natural! I think they look very natural on me even though they are very big so I'd say they are a natural pair of lens with that extra bit of dolly-ness. I did not wear heavy eye make-up when I wore these lenses and I think they looked great. But make up + big circle lens = pretty. These are rather dark in some lighting so they can appear black. I'd rather wear a little make-up than none :)

Overall: 3½/5 I really like them and I think they are worth it if you're looking for something enlarging and something natural. Depending on how big your eyes already are, then these can look very natural with that extra oompfht or also look very enlarging. These lenses will give you that little bit of spark and dolly-ness without changing your eye color. I know that many LOVE Honey Wings so I'm sure many will enjoy the bigger sized version of it.

〜 Buy if you want big natural sparkly eyes with a limbal ring (unlike Dali Browns)
※ Don't buy if you want an obvious color change or if you want your eyes really light brown

Where I bought it: kiwiberry1-collection.

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