Review: Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector no.2-LIGHT

∼February 21, 2012∼

Yesterday I saw Garnier's BB Cream in my shopping mall and my eyes went like O____O I stood there for a good 10 seconds wondering if my eyes were playing me a trick or if this was actually BB cream. My eyes weren't tricking me, it did indeed say BB cream on the package.

After contemplating and trying it out in the store, I bought the product even though I don't actually need it. I already own like 2 BB creams, 6 foundations, 2 tinted moisturizers and a powder foundation so I definitely bought it because I was curious. By the way, this cost me 90DKK ($16USD), but that was the intro price because they took off 35DKK ($6USD).  Can you say PRICEYYYYY? x_X

So this product just came out in Denmark because I go to the stores a lot and last time they were introducing Maybeline's Nude Air Foam. I only found it in ONE store and they carried one shade which was 'LIGHT' (no.2). I knew there weren't many shades, but BB cream doesn't usually have many shades. 

What GARNIER claims of BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector:
New Miracle Skin Perfector, the BB Cream by Garnier. A new generation of skincare that combines the best of skincare with the benefits of make-up in one single application.
Garnier introduces the daily All-In-One solution that corrects, protects and unifies skin complexion with instant and lasting results. Miracle Skin Perfector delivers a hybrid formula that combines long-lasting 24hr hydrating care with a light touch of make-up for instantly flawless, healthy glowing skin. Its lightweight formula contains a unique mix of active ingredients including vitamin C, SPF15 UV filters and mineral pigments. Applied daily, Miracle Skin Perfector spreads evenly for a flawless finish without the heaviness of a foundation. Instantly skin is beautified, hydrated and protected. Available in 2 shades, light and medium.
The package is really normal- nothing really special. It's a normal size too.
A size comparison between the Garnier and the SKIN79 SUPER+ BB Triple Functions and Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream no.23:

My initial thoughts: Usually when I think of BB creams I think of hiding blemishes/redness, whitening, healing acne scars, smooths and prevents wrinkles, high SPF with UVA/UVB and a little product goes a long way. I also like to think of it as a heavier tinted moisturizer. So when I compare the three BB Creams from the picture above the SKIN79 and Missha M have all those properties and the Garnier have some of the properties.

I wouldn't call it a BB Cream, but I still think it's pretty good and does what it claims. No whitening and healing of acne scars. Garnier has a SPF15 which is alright considering I rarely see the sun here. It's an all-in-one day cream and claims 24H Moisture, but I would never not moisturize my face before using any kinds of make-up. It evens out wrinkles and skin-tone because it fits my skin-tone quite good!

Some swatches:

The Garnier comes out the thickest of the 3 BB creams, but it is the least pigmented. I did put more product of the two others creams on my hand, but it was quite obvious to me that Garnier was much more sheer. The other two feels much more watery than the Garnier, but when you smooth it out the Garnier becomes more watery which makes it very easy to apply. Unlike my two other BB Creams, the Garnier does not have a grey undertone. It's a yellow/orange undertone which I quite like because I don't need to wait for it to oxidize and whatever you usually do with Asian BB creams (btw. I love all my BB creams). You can see in the picture that when it's blended out, the Garnier is the least pigmented/most sheer, but it matches my skintone the best.


Shade: LIGHT ・ but I think really pale people will have trouble matching also really dark people. Only two shades bah.
Consistency: LIGHT ・ it looks heavy but it has quite light consistency. also feels very moisturized
Coverage: LIGHT ・ you will still need to conceal some blemishes/redness or maybe you're one of those who has perfect skin


Verdict ♥♥♥ /5 I actually quite like this tinted moisturizer! It does what it claims. I wouldn't really call it BB cream though because it doesn't really have all the properties which BB creams are supposed to have, but as a tinted moisturizer I like it. I think it really works well as a tinted moisturizer because my face actually feel quite refreshed and tight. It has like this dewy finish and it's very light finish. A little goes a long way is true with this cream. I like the natural look of this. I'm actually quite surprised that I like it. There's not much on my skin, but I can definitely feel the product on my face- it's kind of moisturizing and another weird feeling on my face. I'm not quite sure if I like that or not. Some cons are the lack of shades and I guess it's too sheer for some people - but it's 'supposed' to be day-cream with a touch of make-up so you can't expect anything more than that. I do however think the cream is trying to much at the time because I really don't understand why it had to be all-in-one cream?


〜 Buy if you have dry skin, have few blemishes/imperfections, want the natural look, very light coverage to even skin-tone
※ Don't buy if you have many discolorations, intend to use only this product if you have acne

I'm going to review the other two BB creams some other time.
I'm currently using the Missha Perfect Cover no.23 and I quite like it ^.^

PS. If you ever get your hands on this lip-balm, you'll get hooked. This is seriously my favorite lip-balm evar:
I doubt most of you will ever get to try this, but it seriously so good.  ^-^ They recently came out with another lip balm which isn't very good for long term use because you have to re-apply it like every 5 minutes, but the green one is GOLD!

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