Preview: GnG/Dueba

∼February 2, 2012∼

Natural 3-tone Honey Brown 14mm | Queenies Grey 14.5mm | Puffy 3-tone Brown 14.5mm
I just got these babies home ♥ 
I gave the Puffys to my sister because it most likely suits her more and I'm keeping the rest! *glee* 
Also there's this event coming up because of Lunar New Years so I might wear the natural Honey Browns ones or the comfortable Queenies. 
It really depends on my mood by then because make-up + falsies + lenses = discomfort? Mostly due falsies and lenses. It's not easy being a girl unless you don't care for these things.

If you're buying lenses, I can recommend these colored lenses because they're natural without being too natural and it also enlarges your eyes without making you look like an alien or making it look too juvenile 

I swear these lenses are top notch. Forget about those typical dolly circle lenses! IMO big circle lenses (those with thick outer rims) are so overrated!

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