JAPAN, here I come!

∼February 19, 2012∼

It's decided! I'm going to Tokyo, Japan. I don't think I've been this excited for a long time!

My host family is so nice and I can't wait to be a working girl hard working girl!
So there's nothing to complain about. From this day onward I shall learn how to make phở, bánh xèo & bánh cuốn.

Other than that I think I'm ok!
* Ticket is booked! Travel insurance will be taken care of on Monday! Pocket money check!
I'm more than convinced (or I've always known this!) that I have the best family ever.
Hopefully I'll have an adventure for life and also I want to grow as a more independent person.

The blog will from 11th of March to 11th of June become a blog about my daily life in Japan. Future posts in Japan will be labelled as 'LIFE in JAPAN'.
Knowing myself, I will update with many pictures even though I know I'm very slack.


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