I Jinxed Myself

∼February 22, 2012∼

Moments after I posted my Snail Mail post this morning, I realized that the plane-tickets I booked were wrong. All morning I tried to change the dates, but apparently it was not possible as I have non-refundable and non-changeable tickets. I can't stay in Japan for more than 90days, but I specifically read on the website of The Embassy of Japan in Denmark that they said 3 months. I call them up and they say that it's not updated and the woman had the nerve to say I should have called first before booking a flight. Well sorry for trusting the official website? The male employee was nice and honestly. After today I can say that I feel like some females are the most unhelpful creatures ever. The men tries to help, the women can be some bitches (talking about a certain Lufthansa bitch). I couldn't change nor cancel without losing my money so my situation sucks. I must admit that I did shed many tears today - I was so stressed out and I had called so many people today and they just kept directing to other people and in the end they told me that I couldn't do anything about it. They said I could buy a one-way ticket home, but one-way tickets are usually very expensive and it was actually the double price of my current tickets. I felt quite miserable and helpless, but then I thought that if I couldn't change the tickets, I could try to get a VISA. So tomorrow I'm heading to  Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, to apply for the Working Visa. It's a shame to use it now because I'm only overstaying in Japan for ONE day and a Working Visa is valid for a year and you can only use it once. But I do realize there's not much else to do. If I buy new tickets, I'll lose money. So better take the free alternative.

I admit the whole situation has got me feeling a bit down now, but I thankfully I have a new book to keep me in company.
It's *SOPHIE KINSELLA's* I've Got Your Number.

So far I like it, but it's been a while since I read anything so I'm a bit excited.

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