Copenhagen, the Capital of Denmark!

∼February 24, 2012∼

Yesterday was stressful. I went to Copenhagen and it was hectic the first couple of hours. Initially I was the only person who had to go, but I wanted my sister to join me. I checked out how much a train ticket would be and it said around 550DKK a person (less than $100USD). The train tickets are very expensive because we're currently paying off the bridge we're passing so it's quite expensive even if you want to travel your own country! 
After some calculating, we decided to take the car instead and my mom joined us too.  

I did everything at the Embassy of Japan in Denmark and I can tell that it was quite a hassle. First of all, we couldn't find the place because I didn't type in the full address in the navigator. Then there were some issues with finding a bank. So many things that needed to be fixed and I had a couple of hours to do so before the Embassy closed. One of my main issues with the Embassy is that I know Japan is such a high-tech country, but why do you have to apply for the everything by hand. You have to HAND everything to them and you have to wait 2 weeks for your things to arrive. It's much easier when you're applying for an Australian visa because it's via the web and it takes a couple of days (I think)? I'm not sure why they are making it so difficult, but yeah it's a long process. Now I just have to wait for the papers. I hope nothing happens to my documents because I gave everything to them. And by that, I mean I literally gave them everything. My passport, my travel insurance and so much more...
If it gets lost in the mail or the documents don't arrive in time, then I'm pretty much screwed.

Besides my hectic time at the Embassy, I also visited my aunt and cousin and we had a cosy time relaxing, talking and eating. I had time for some reading too~

© pictures taken by sister
Time in the capital was good, but I prefer my city~
Maybe because I know my city inside out, while people in Copenhagen don't know their city like that. It's a big city after all.

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