19th Birthday

∼February 6, 2012∼

I was supposed to do a lens review today, but since it's my birthday I thought that I'd just do it another day.
It's not everyday you turn a year older.  So I'd rather make post about my thoughts on birthdays.

First of all, I can't believe that I'm NINETEEN because I feel like I just turned eighteen yesterday. I really feel like time flies by! It's my last year as a teenager? Which means one step closer to the adult world? Maybe? *hehe*
IMO eighteen was a great age because you were sort of an adult, but not really because you're free to make some mistakes because you're after all not entirely an adult. Also eighteen is the year of letting loose and  just having fun. You're allowed to do some things that you couldn't do when you're seventeen. It's not many changes, but those few changes just happens to mean the world to me. The biggest difference was that when I turned eighteen I got my driver's licence and I can now enter clubs (well legally). I remember anticipating and waiting for that day since my first year in high school and I finally got all of those things in my senior year of high school. I was the youngest in my class and I also happen to be the youngest among my friends, so you can imagine that I was so excited to turn eighteen. No more sneaking around and all that ^.^ 

Now that I'm going from 18 to 19 I don't feel any different. Probably because nothing really changes when you turn 19. When I turn 20 (or 21) that's better reason for celebrating. But even then, I don't think I'll feel any different or older for that matter, I just feel like time is flying by. Nowadays birthdays aren't really that important to me, it's just a reminder that time is passing by and that I want to do so much before the next year comes by. For me it's like second New Year. Coincidental my birthday is always around Lunar New Year so I often promise myself to do certain things before I turn another year. Maybe sort of like an Bucket List because for some reason I never seem to reach my goals by the time I turn a year so I have many broken promises which by now has compiled into a list.

I'm moving out later this year so maybe I will be more motivated to cross some off the list.
Sometimes when you get too comfortable in a place, you don't seem to change or want to change.
And that scares the hell out of me because I don't want to be stuck in one place.

Other than that, I really loved being eighteen, but nineteen has some advantages because apparently people think it's sounds more mature to be that age.

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