.08 Nail Art: Geometric

∼February 26, 2012∼

One of the designs I found from tumblr (myawesomebeauty) and I believe it's called 'Geometric'. I've seen many do these triangles and I thought I'd do it too. I think my technique might be a little off because it looks so simple and I've seen many tutorials, but why do I think it's so hard to make? Also very time-consuming! I'm missing a couple of things which makes it's a bit harder for me.. Like the little tapes..

I start of with white nail polish, then I wait for it to dry. Then I use tape to make the triangles and I paint the purple triangle. Then I wait again. I use tape again and I make the last brown triangle. Then I wait again. Now I use a white nail art striper where the gold is supposed to be. I wait for that to dry and I line the gold nail polish on top of the white. I top it off with a top coat :)

After seeing so many of Pauline's nail art, I wanted to try make my nails matte too.

Pretty like this too, but I do prefer the glossy more.

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