.06 Nail Art: Rilakkuma & Friends

∼February 13, 2012∼

Do you know who Rilakkuma and his friend are?

Rilakkuma リラックマ is a Japanese character created in 2003. リラックマ Rilakkuma is a combination of the Japanese pronunciation of relax  リラッ (rira') and the Japanese word for bear クマ (kuma). Other characters include Korilakkuma, the beige bear & Kiiroitori, the yellow chick.

I have seen them before, but I don't follow these characters. I just happen to stumble upon the picture on tumblr. It's fun when it's making a theme mani. I didn't plan these and I might have rushed it a bit. I feel like I should have planned it more before actually painting it. Also I didn't have most of the colors so I had to start mixing acrylics paint. So yeah… Kinda need more nail polish… Other than that, I'm pretty satisfied with the results.

I used many different brands as a base for this, but I'll name the known ones: HM & ELF. HM's nail polish is actually really good for those wondering and ELF is only good if you apply more than one coat. The rest are cheap unknown brands *hehe* I used acrylics paint for the most part. Black outlining is made using a "Nail Art striping brush". The white dots are made with dotting tool. The yellow is also nail polish, but I could have just used acrylics paint. Two times top coat.

I think theme nail art is really cute, but they are not so timeless as for example french tips. So I don't usually make these.
Also I have lately realized that nail art takes requires a lot of patience, precision and speed. Otherwise you're going to make it harder for yourself. If you're slow, the paint/polish dries and it becomes clumpy and difficult to spread. I will practice more often~

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