.04 Nail Art: Cute Floral

∼February 9, 2012∼

Last time I made 'The Great Wave' and I promised myself that I make wouldn't anything complicated this time.
My nails are still short, but that doesn't keep me from doing my nails. I'm actually more motivated because I see loads of pretty nail-art on short nails.
I've been searching for the right design and I found this floral nail-art that's floating around the internet.
I really like the design so no changes were made.

I used wetnwild's Wild Shine in French White Crème, but it's basically just a cheap white nail polish.
The roses and leaves are made using acrylics paint. The colors used are redbluegreen and a bit of yellow & silver.
Also white acrylics paint was used and it was essential to make colors more pastel, but you can experiment with the colors.

This is really easy to make and you can easily do it on both hands (unlike my previous nail-art).
I'll make more nail-art with white as the base because colors really pop when it's on top of white.
Right now I have another floral design in mind which will be more romantic. This one is more innocent and cute.

I know I've been posting a lot lately! Sorry for the spam ^.^ I can't help it.

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