Preview: GnG/Dueba Crystal Diamond (Pink)

∼January 30, 2012∼

I bought these a long time ago. Along with the browns, GEO Honey Wings Brown, EOS Flower Pink & Brown and GnG X9 Queenies Grey. So in total I bought 6 circle lenses. I have my phases where I'm just obsessed with circle lenses, but then I wear them and I realize that my eyes are too small for circle lenses :'(

When I bought the circle lenses, I was only happy with the Queenies and the EOS Flowers. I wish I had taken pictures and reviewed them, but I was so disappointed with most of them so I didn't really bother. From what I can remember: Queenies were definitely the prettiest and most comfortable and the EOS ones looked so pretty, but made my eyes dry. The Honey Wings were defective and hurt my eye and looked too natural for my taste. Also if the black rim is too thick and solid, I can't wear them. So you'd imagine that the Crystal Diamonds don't really suit me at all and I even bought them two colors :'(

I have already thrown the other lenses out because I opened them a long time ago, but I still have this pair left. I'm asking my sister to review them because her eyes are like huge O____O so it will be prettier on her than on me lol.

Also, I'm currently waiting on these lenses:
- GnG/Dueba Puffy 3-tone Brown
- GnG X9 Queenies Grey
- GnG/Dueba Natural 3-tone Honey Brown

Re-buying Queenies because they look so great. Expect reviews of those too ♥
I hope I've chosen some pretty lenses.. and hopefully not too unnatural or too natural ^.^

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