New Years Resolution 2012

∼January 2, 2012∼

Belated Christmas and New Year wishes for everyone :)

So it's 2012. Time really flies, doesn't it? This year has been really special for me and maybe the most memorable year so far me. Maybe it's just something you say every year, but this year really felt different. I know I haven't posted my Christmas update, but I'm doing that a little later ;-) I think it's only appropriate to tell you my new year resolutions. I do this every year and I get squat out of them, but it's nice to have a goal even though you don't achieve your goals; it's just nice to aim for something.

In short, the best of 2011:
  • I was graduated from high school summer '11.
  • I'm finally brace-free and I also underwent the surgery I've been waiting for so long.
  • I overcame some personal boundaries when it came to me and boys. Finally huh.
  • I understood that wanting to have a boyfriend is not the same as actually having a relationship. I guess I'm not ready for anything serious? Who needs them boys anyways. Unless he's that special one.
  • I lost 7kg, but I'm gaining them back.
  • I have a amazing family and friends whom I can trust.
  • Amazing Alanya.

My resolutions for 2012:
  • Well, want to lose 7kg again :) if I ever lose these kg's I'm finally at my ideal weight.
  • Be more confident and see where it takes me. Don't be afraid of anyone. Don't think you're anything less. 
  • Do well in my studies. Do not get lazy. It will get me nowhere!
  • Meet new friends in the new town I'm in.
  • Get a job in my new town.

I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday as I. Maybe some of you are still hung over from New Years Eve? He he. I'm not hung over, but my body clock is all messed up. Imagine that it was already semi messed to begin with and now it's mad messed up. I'll correct that as soon as possible because I'm exercising.. New Years resolutions head on! I think mine are pretty realistic; it's not totally impossible. Maybe the part about losing weight will be a battle.. Other than that, I'm excited for the new year.

edit - Oh oh I almost forgot. One of my dear friends moved to Australia to be an au-pair! She's staying there for 6 months. I'll miss her. Maybe I'll even join her..

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