My Merry Christmas 2011

∼January 3, 2012∼

As usual my Christmas is split on two days. We celebrated Christmas Eve at one of my aunt's house and then they following day we celebrated it at my other aunt's house. We do this every year because everyone wants to be the host. The other reason is also that some of our family members are busy with their other family (e.g husband's side) so we can't all be together on the same day. That's why we do this over two days, but we always get together the days following Christmas Eve, but it's more official now.

This year was no different from previous year. It was nice and so cosy. I'm not sure if it's a Danish tradition, but we do not get drunk on Christmas Eve, but we just spend time with family and stuff ourselves with delicious food. Well, not Christmas food, but various of other food. This year, we had salmon as the starters. Then banh hoi and duck. Then we had tempura shrimps. Then more duck. Then we had a bowl of bun. I'm pretty sure that there were much more, but my mind is playing some tricks now. I wish I had taken pictures of it because it looked so good!! but my DSLR became retarded so we thought it ran out of battery.. I realized it later that it was fine.. But yeah, it was really delicious, but I actually wanted to have a proper Danish Christmas; like with lots of potatoes, gravy, risalamande and all that fatty good stuff. I thought I'd have that the next day, but unfortunately we had hot pot instead. It was very tasty, but I expected something else. So I was a little disappointed. Christmas is the only time I eat potatoes :-( and I love potatoes! Especially mashed potatoes with gravy. Just thinking about it makes me sad that I didn't eat any this year :-( I can't blame my aunt though because she didn't have time to prepare for Danish Christmas and hot pot is very easy. 

If anyone is wondering, I only got a Christmas present.. It was a bag from nydp and I love it.. When you get older, you don't get presents ^^ and if you don't tell them anything, they don't get you anything.

Under the cut, you'll see some of the pictures from the two nights ;-)

{WARNING: post is image heavy}


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