It's Snowed!

∼January 28, 2012∼

Yesterday it snowed for the first time in my city.
I was hoping for no snow this year, but that's just a wish-thinking.
It's not much and it's beginning to melt now, but the news said that we should be prepared for some more snowing tonight :-(
It's such a bummer because I was just saying the day before yesterday that I hoped it wouldn't snow at all this year. I actually snapped a picture of that day before and I said that is was so pretty: no snow, dry and sunny.

Just when I hope it never snows and that maybe we were so lucky this year, it just happen to snow the next day. I think I jinxed it.
Whenever I wish for something, the least wanted thing/opposite thing always happens. Look at the next day:

I was really bummed out because of the snow, but it was nonetheless a good day. Early morning I went out to the mall because sister had a appointment with a optician to see if her sight was as screwed up as she thinks it. Turns out, it really wasn't that bad.. As I've told her ;-)

After that we went over to our friend's house to relax and eat breakfast. My sister had an appointment and we nearly overslept so we didn't get to eat breakfast yet and luckily neither did our friend. We already had plans to go shopping with her, but she invited us over for breakfast. So we did :) We were tired as well so we wanted to chill before going out.

She made us eggs with bacon, bread, sausage and cucumber.
It was really delicious. I also had some green tea.

After our breakfast we just relaxed and talked before going shopping. Our friend was shopping for food ingredients for the dinner she would be making that day. We helped her to make bún thịt nướng  and it was really successful! It tasted so good because we made everything with no help from our Vietnamese mothers (except for some essential ingredients).

Bún thịt nướng is a cold Vietnamese dish which consist of grilled pork with vermecilli noodles. We usually serve bún thịt nướng with nước mắm pha, sliced cucumbers and crushed peanuts. Very simple, right?

My friend made the nước mắm differently than our family and she doesn't eat as spicy as my either. I bet it's because she's originally from North Vietnam so her family don't eat so spicy. Despite of that her mắm was really good! At first I thought it wasn't spicy enough and maybe to lemon-y, but after combining it with the dish, it tasted really good. Obviously not as good as how our moms' dishes, but good enough.

After our dinner we just hung out, more tea and talk. Some other people came over and it was really fun for various reasons.  We came home at 5AM and I just headed off to bed..

Now I'm just relaxing *he he* and tomorrow it's go-go time again.
I also just changed the layout to two-column because I wanted bigger sized pictures I wish I had done that to begin with..
My previous pictures seem so tiny now.

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