Grandma and Grandpa Leaving

∼January 12, 2012∼

Every year my grandparents leave to Vietnam to... enjoy life? I'm not really sure what they do over there, but they go every year around Christmas and New Year which means they are usually not around for my birthday. They go away for about three months and my birthday is in February. They do however manage to come to my sisters birthday in April which is nice. I don't know why, but I feel like I'm going to miss them more this year than the others. Oh well. They left this morning. Actually around the time I woke up and I think they're in Vietnam Friday.

Irrelevant: I changed my fb profile picture.. So long ago I last changed it.. I changed it to the first of these two pics of me..
Iphone is so useful when it comes to selca, he he. I useful don't have any suitable picture for fb <3

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