Early Birthday Presents

∼January 25, 2012∼

My birthday is coming up real soon and my family and sister have given me some early birthday presents! I'm so happy because I've been wanting these items for so long. I love my family so much!!!!!! ;')

From my mom and dad I got $$$$$ which I was going to use to buy some Converse All Stars. Those babies are quite expensive, but it was so worth it! And I ain't painting/customizing them or anything because they cost so much dough.
The ones I got are the classic Black/White low-tops. These are my second pair while my first pair I got was several years ago and it was the tall orange ones which I ended up cutting in half. I definitely like these so much more than my first pair ♥

At first I wanted the gray ones, but after seeing the classics, I thought it would be better to stick to black/white because it fits with basically everything in my closet. My next pair will be high-tops or possibly mid-tops if I ever find those. I'm not sure about the color yet, maybe beige..
I got my All Stars a couple days ago and today I got a lens from my sister. She got me the Canon EF 50 f/1.8 II ^_^ We went to the mall to buy my lens and we saw that they had a 10% off on all items that they've used for display. So we bought the discounted ones because nobody really touches the display items and it's good to save as much money as possible when you buy expensive things lol.

I really like this lens and I think it's really good, but I'm not a pro at taking pictures so I'm not sure if it's as good as I feel it is. I have wanted this lens for so long because everyone raves about it so I wanted to check that out myself. Lenses are quite expensive, but this one is the relatively cheap for such a good starter-lens. I'm not used to it yet because it's so tiny! and also it doesn't really zoom, but I'm really loving the DoF ('depth of field') so the pros definitely outweigh the "cons".
I'm very excited to try taking pictures of various things and also portraits because I hear it's good for that.

Here's some test-shots I took:

My sister bought something nice for herself, a CANON EOS 600D:

Remember I said that they had a 10% off in the store. Well they just happen to have one Canon EOS 600D left which they were selling for a VERY good price considering it's the newest model and it cost $100 less than what I paid for my 450D two years ago. We realized that the price was good so she bought it. She's been using mine for a while now (she's way better than me), but she's never owned a DSLR so it was a good time for her to buy her one since I'll be moving out soon.

I'm kind of jealous because it had all sorts of new functions while mine is like so 2 years old, can't film or have any fancy things like hers .. It even has a flip-view so you can easily take camwhore-shots! but oh well, you can't have it all.. Besides I think that both DSLR take even good pictures I think it's the lenses that makes a difference.

That's it for today! Today's so great! Life's good, he he he

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