Dyeing my Hair

∼January 16, 2012∼

I've been contemplating on dyeing my hair for a while and now is the "right" time! My hair is super long now and I just want a change. I'm getting my hair cut first and then I'm dyeing it ;-)

I bought these products to dye my hair:

© liese Prettia JP

It's a Japanese brand called Kao Prettia Bubble Dye. I bought the products in these colors: Royal Brown, Dark Chocolate and lastly Natural Ash.

I'll be using the Natural Ash and Sandy will think about which of the other two she wants. Maybe she will use the same as me if my results turns out OK. The products aren't totally cheap, but not as pricy as some say they are. I bought my three boxes at ebay for $16USD a box.

Unlike traditional hair dye, the product produces foam which makes dying your hair like washing your hair. Obviously that makes it easier to dye your hair especially if you have long hair as me. It's apparently gentler/less damaging than traditional hair dye, but I'm pretty sure it's still damaging. Afterall it does change your hair color.......

The reason why I didn't just buy regular hair dye, is because I don't really trust the products and I don't want to dye my hair if I'm half-hearted about it. I'm sure brands like L'oreal works fine, but when it comes to my black virgin hair, I prefer Asian products. Japanese products in general are good so I have a little more faith in them. Asian products are obviously aimed for Asian people so I think it will work better with my hair, but again, that's just a theory. I'm sort of excited to dye my hair and also nervous because I'm not sure if it will turn out right or if it's a color I would like or dislike. I'm hoping to achieve a not so orange-red color and more a neutral rich brown. I absolutely want it lighter than dark brown. I don't care if the results are immediate or after a few washes ^_^ I can't wait to try. Hopefully I won't screw up!

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