Trang's Moving Day

∼December 16, 2011∼

Wednesday I helped a friend move. She and her boyfriend used to live in a row house, but they wanted an apartment instead. They row house wasn't really bad or anything; quite spacious actually, but I guess it was just too spacious because they also had a small garden and an attic too. Some things that wasn't really necessary so they got an apartment which is closer to the big malls in my town.

Luckily it was my day off when it was her moving day; I had originally no plans because I just wanted to do like a lazy day. I even slept in that day and first woke up at like 3PM. Just when I woke up it was time for us to help her move. I think Sandy forgot about our friend's moving day too. We helped her from 4PM to 10PM, but it wasn't really tiring because they were a lot of guys to help. Us weak girl (LOL) only carried small and non-heavy items. BUT STILL! We helped :-) After everything was loaded into the house, my friend had prepared food for us. Just like a kind of thank-you for helping them. I didn't eat much because I ate so much candy earlier. I totally regretted it after because I felt full of candy and chocolate and I did not feel full in a good way :-( But either way, it was really cosy because they were so many other people there. Some I was friends with and some I haven't met before, but I have heard of them. I think that there will be a get-together later this month. Maybe New Years Eve? I'm not sure yet because I usually never plan ahead of time for these kind of things.. I looking forward to whatever I'm going to do that day.

Btw. Wednesday is the annual lottery day where I live (plus Saturday) and right at the moment the prize is HUGE. It's like over 110+ millions DKK which is like 15 millions USD. Nobody won it though so the prize keeps growing. If I won the money, I could whatever I wanted! <3

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