∼December 9, 2011∼

Besides my usual oh-daily life (shitty work and what not).
I tried this thing called tinychat which I read about on soompi. And I just COULD NOT figure that shit out.
I'm usually pretty techy, but this.. lol.. maybe it's because my laptop is so bad and it just keeps lagging. I don't know..

But well I tried the tc thing for suc2011 and it was a little bit awkward because everyone knows each other. I asked one of them and he's like "yeahh".. It's not really easy to blend it when they are one big group ^__^ who just happens to use the tc room as a their own chatroom..

Oh well~ at least I tried. Maybe I'll try again, but they don't seem very friendly LOL or they are, but it's just so awkward. I didn't get much out of it, so I logged out..

I did however manage to do something useful with my webcam. I never take picture with it, but I was feeling good. My hair is all messed up, but trust me. It's even worse when it's down :)

LOL I'm wearing my retainers so my bite looks so retarded.

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