SKINCARE: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

∼December 12, 2011∼

For the next couple of weeks, I'll try to add some EVOO in my skincare routine. I do not have bad skin or acne, but I noticed that my skin becomes really nice and soft whenever I use EVOO. So me adding EVOO in my skincare routine is not because I want to lessen outbreaks or anything like that. I just like the effect it has on my skin. It's sort of like applying Vaseline on your face, but I feel safer with EVOO because I feel it's a little milder and lighter than Vaseline. Even though the Vaseline worked really well I felt like I was blocking my skin because it was such a heavy substance. So to me, EVOO sounds like a great alternative!

It was actually my mother who suggested that I should use it. She figured that EVOO is natural so it would be better to use something natural as opposed to something that's store-bought. I didn't listen to her at first because I was thinking OIL = blocking my pores and greasy skin! So I never took her advice, but one day I was taking a shower and I forgot to remove my eye-make-up first. I then remembered that I could just use some EVOO because people always say it's a great make-up remover. So I used it and I figured I might as well apply a little on my cheeks. The next day my skin was just so nice and soft. I tried it again a couple of days after and I also only used a minimal amount on my bare face and I'd take a clean cotton pads and wipe off the excess oil and massage my face. I've only done this for a week every night so I don't know how good it is for my skin yet! I'll try to see if my skin is better in a couple of weeks. Hopefully I don't have any breakouts! ;-)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil-howto:
1. You take your Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2. Pour a little EVOO on a clean cotton pad

3. Apply it to your face; I sometimes take another cotton pad and sort of clam them together so there's not too much on the pad and that ensures that I also don't get too much oil on my face. I only want to use a very little amount because I want to be careful and also I don't want to be totally wet and shiny on my face. I just don't think it's a good idea.

4. I take another clean cotton pad and wipe of the excess oil on my face. I also massage my face; the forehead, I go up. Left cheek, I go left. Right cheek, I go right. Chin, I go down. I once saw a picture at a cosmetologist's office which said that massaging your face like that will supposedly tighten the skin which = less wrinkles ;-)

And your done ;-)
__but seriously I hope I don't get breakouts :o If I do... well.. I'm going to regret it!

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