Portrait of My Older Cousin

∼December 19, 2011∼

Normally I'm very proud of my portraits, but this one? --not so much. Today is my older cousin's birthday and I decided to draw a picture that he had wanted me to draw for a while now. If it wasn't because he was my cousin, I'd never do it! He wanted me to do his facebook profile picture and it was really like blurry and there were no contrast in the picture at all. I knew it would be a challenge because I can't really see the details in his face and I wasn't sure if I could bring life to the picture. I gave it a shot and it came out alright. I did 'cheat' on his eyes as I gave them a reflection. I gave the picture a source of light I thought was likely if this was a better picture. I really hope this is my last time doing a picture like this. I want something big with full of options so I can draw all those details a face can have..

Anyone who's interested in the original.. Here it is:

Maybe it's just me, but I think it's a horrible picture. At first I thought he was kidding me, but apparently not. It's not that he looks bad in the picture, but it's just bad picture to draw :-)

But anyways, happy birthday dear cousin!
Chuc mung sinh nhat nha a. Vu! ♥

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