KIMCHI experiment!

∼December 17, 2011∼

For the second time in my life, I made KIMCHI ♥! I made it a week ago, but I just got around to do this post now ;__;
The first time failed miserably and it was just disgusting because we left it outside to ferment, but completely forgot about it so when we came out to get it we found rotten KIMCHI x_x

This time however it was different. I was determined to make good kimchi so I had a recipe on hand and I bought everything that was needed to make my kimchi. I modified the recipe a little bit even though I know nothing about kimchi. I have read a lot of other recipes and I tried to combine as much as possible. The things I added were cucumbers and other vegetables. It's a good thing that's it's Winter because you can let the kimchi ferment outside, but I'm letting it ferment inside this time.

I think when I move out, I'll be making loads of kimchi. In theory it makes sense because I can store it in the refrigerator and I know it doesn't rot quickly/easily. It also tastes all right, but there's just one problem.. There's a lot of different onions and garlic in it :-/ I have total GARLIC ONION breath after this :-D Also I expected it to be much spicier! We put so much chili powder, but it just wouldn't be spicy enough for us. Tsk. Everyone who says Korean food is spicy. Wussy. It's still good and has a lot of flavor, but the spiciness  was really important to me. The thing I liked the most about this is the cucumber. Even though it wasn't in the recipe, I think adding that was the best thing ever. Next time I'll make spicy cucumber kimchi~ 

It turned out great IMO, but I will definitely add more spices next time..

We filled the kimchi in 4 two-liters glass containers. One is already gone ;-)

Just me being extremely posy with some kimchi.

There were nothing to eat so I just ate kimchi without anything. It was good. Now I just need to brush my teeth LOL

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