Julefrokost '11

∼December 5, 2011∼

aka Christmas lunch in English. This round of Christmas lunch is over. Maybe another person will arrange one more? Maybe my class will. I'm not sure, but I know this one is finished.

Everything is somewhat back to normal but it's still a little hectic now that we're near Christmas.
I haven't posted since Friday which was the day I bought all the things I needed for Christmas lunch and it was also the day I went out with my girls. We stayed to 5AM and it was soooo fun. We also went to the Class reunion which was cosy, but I needed a good club. I wanted a nice trip where you dance and have a good time. That was what I loved the most about that day.

Obviously I was so tired the Saturday we left for Aarhus, but it was ok§ I slept in the car to Aarhus and somewhat survived throughout the day. Let me just say that I had too much to drink and you know what happens when you drink too much. It gotta go somewhere.

It was really not a pretty sight and I'm sorry for anyone who saw me.
I'm embarrassed. Like really really embarrassed. 

Here's the last pic of that day

I'm not sure if I was posing or just being shy. Or if I knew the picture was being taken. I'm sitting next to a dud who's gone.
It was really fun. More than what I expected. But next time, I'm not drinking....... or at least not as much! he he ;-)

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