.02 Nail Art: French Manicure with Red Bows

∼December 20, 2011∼

I bought myself a french manicure set. It's Sally Hansen: HARD AS NAILS - French Manicure (Sheer Romance). The set comes with two nail-polishes: a blanc white for the tips & a sheer romance for the top. In the box there is also included some tip stickers which are surprisingly good. I read the instructions and apparently you apply the tips first and then the color. I was a bit hesitant about that, but I followed the instructions and I also used the nail-stickers which was lot of fun and no hassle! Applying white tips have never been easier: I usually do like everything free-hand. 

I was actually looking for a very opaque white nail polish and not a set, but I couldn't find any! There's no white, matte and opaque white nail polish. Everything is like very sheer and metalic. I contemplated on the set or a Essie nail-polish, but I wasn't going to use 100DKK (18USD) for one Essie if I could get two Sally Hansen for less. Before it's going to be a huge explosion of pictures-- here's my review of it. The blanc white polish is perfect; it's thin, opaque and dries quickly. However the other one is a little on the crappy side; the sheer romance color is very sheer as the name says, but it's also very streaky! I applied ones and it already becomes streaky. I eventually applied so many layers so it looks super fake which is not necessarily a bad thing because I love fake nails. I just can't deal with the streakiness of the polish and I did not like how my french manicure ended up.

I originally wanted to do a simple french manicure, but I wasn't satisfied with the color of my nails so I did some bows on them too <3

My naked nails which are the perfect length for a french mani:

Perfect fit tips-stickers:

French manicure done. I'm not sure if you can see this, but the color is a little too light because I applied so many layers. It looks great, but I wanted a bit more natural.

I did the start of my bows with a toothpick. I usually start to draw two triangles and then I round their edges so it's more bow-like. I then make the middle part a big fatter. When I make this, it doesn't have to be perfect because I can always fill it more if I'm not satisfied. Keywords are PATIENCE and SLOWLY!

I then use a nail polish where the brush is very long and thin. I tried making it with a toothpick, but it was very difficult and the results weren't as nice. Again keywords are PATIENCE and SLOWLY.

Isn't it pretty???????? ;__; This is my second time making it and I always think it turns out great. It just takes a hell a lot of time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When making this.. TAKE LOTS OF TIME. NO RUSHING. It's better to wait for it to completely dry than to just apply another layer. 

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