∼December 1, 2011∼

It's official! I'm on a diet!
I gained weight which is a sign that I'm overeating. I think it's the yoyo-effect because the last months I haven't been able to eat properly because of the surgery. But now that I can, I obviously eat too much.

I've never been on a diet before so I'm just taking baby steps. I don't want to cut out all things I love just to weigh less. Also if I cut all the things I love, I probably can't keep up with diet.

I'm going to eat less.
I'm cutting wheat & sugar to a minimal.
I'll quit drinking sodas too.
I'll exercise. Maybe run or swim.

Sounds like a lot of things I can't do...
But I'm up for a challenge; yo weight scale, see you in a month!

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