Christmas Spirit in My Town

∼December 11, 2011∼

Everyone loves Christmas and I can surely understand why. There's nothing better than this holiday. 

On my way home from work, I saw how pretty my town has become. I love Christmas because they put up Christmas light and decorations too. There are also so many people with their children and they all just look really happy and excited. I think the spirit of my town is at their highest when it's Christmas time. Even I feel something change in me. It's just when I see my town all lit up and decorated; I feel like I have to smile all the time. I actually feel genuinely happy for some reason. 

Today I even put some time out to sit under some trees and I just looked at my Town Square. I sat there and I thought: "wow, my town is actually really pretty..." Even though my town does the same thing every year, it's always manages to give me the fuzzy feelings.

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