Christmas Shopping 2011

∼December 12, 2011∼

My sister and I decided to go to IKEA this evening. It was my suggestion because I was in the mood. I had just finished work and I wanted to do something productive other than go home and sleep. Since it's Christmas it makes sense that we had do to some Christmas shopping!

I still need to find presents for my family. I usually never buy Christmas presents because I'm mostly always broke and also I don't really like the thought of buying things for the sake of buying things. But I'm guilty for loving receiving gifts! If I don't get presents, it's OK. However if I do, I get super excited :-) As I am a little older now and I actually have *some* money, I thought I'd buy a little something for the kids. They don't understand much and I know how happy they become when they get something. I remember I used to love it too as a kid. It's like your second birthday LOL.

But yeah, we went there, but we didn't find anything in IKEA. They only thing we bought was food and then we just went to BILKA, but failed again. There was nothing we were interested in buying for the kids, but we did find something for ourselves, he he ;-). We found shoes! My Christmas presents for my sister are a pair of high boots and short boots. I also bought myself the same pair of short boots because they look so cool.

I think they are super cool. I love the short ones, but the high ones are pretty too. It's just too bad I can't always fit those kind of boots as I'm sort of heavy at the calves :-( But I think they fit my sister really well. It's a bit egotistical to buy presents for yourself when that wasn't the point of our shopping trip, but hey.. sometimes you need to spoil yourself ;-)

Maybe I'll find those Christmas presents tomorrow because I'm going out tomorrow again. Let's hope luck is with me. I also hope to find some discounted goods. Nothing beats cheap stuff LOL. 

btw. look at what we have here! My family's Christmas tree!

This is the work of my father and his daughters (aka my sister and I). We put it up yesterday and we also decorated it with some newly bought ornaments and also our old ornaments from when we used to live in an apartment. Even though my mother didn't help us yesterday, she put up the different coloured lights this morning. Now it looks even prettier!~ It's been like so many years since we last put up a Christmas tree. It feels really cosy and homey when I see the tree. It reminds me of when I was little, he he ^___^

ps. LOLOL find the scary Santa. 

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