Christmas Shopping 2011 (Part 2)

∼December 13, 2011∼

I finally bought everything I needed! :-) Let's hope the kids love the stuff we bought them.
For the girls, we bought very pretty headbands and for the guys we bought toy cars. We have already packed them and put them under our Christmas tree!

Ushh, Christmas shopping is expensive. Especially when you already don't have that much income. Sigh~ why money? Why you don't just fall down the trees? Or let me win the lottery this Wednesday! <3 I think it would be a thousand time easier if I had more money, but today was exhausting. It's tiring to look after presents. The kids are not going to make any use of them in the future and I'm going to have less money in my pocket. I didn't even know what to buy them. What do kids like these days. I was way more interested in buying things for myself, but I restrained myself LOL. Even though I was clueless, I did buy more than I originally intended to buy because once you're on a roll, it's hard to stop buying things. When I was little, I used to get presents from my uncles and aunts a lot. My sister, brother and I were the only kids at that time and we were really spoiled with gifts, but now that they all have kids and they are all much much younger than me; they expect me to buy gifts for them :-( Like I'm their rich aunt or something when in fact we're cousins :D I have to buy gifts for 7+ kids. That's a lot of presents!!! >__< My wallet definitely felt lighter after today. Siiiiigh... Well, I guess it was worth buying the gifts, but ouch.. money is not easy to earn, but sure easy to spend :-)

Even though I'm tired, I have a plan with Sandy, Palu and Yu to go watch the newest Twilight movie. I can't wait to see it! I'm not their biggest fan, but I'd watch the movie for the fluffy parts, he he. The shirtless parts too. I sure hope that Edward has worked out since Eclipse(?) if he's planning to show some skin.. 


Here's some other pictures inclusive my outfit of the day:

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