The Best Things About My Work

∼December 3, 2011∼

If you have not noticed I always bitch about my work. I always talk shit about my work, but hey, I still work there so I guess it makes me a hypocrite. My work does suck entirely so it's perfectly fine to talk shit about it, but today I thought that I'd make a post about things that doesn't suck. As much as I hate my job, I got to admit that there are some pretty good things about my job. It's not always bad, you ought to have some good days when most of them are shitty.

When I first got the job, I never knew what it was like to be there for 4+ hours. Being there for half an hour and 4+ hours are not the same! It's fun to be at a place for a little bit, but being there all the time - it's gets to ones nerves. Sometimes though you're lucky and you actually have some pretty decent customers.

So here's what's good about my job;

1. It's a job which pace changes a lot. One second it goes slow as hell, but suddenly it's super busy. I like changes because it keeps me on my toes and it makes the time go faster. Also when it does go slow, it's nice to have a break from when it's was the busiest.

2. You decide what you want to do. You want to clean the mess up now or a little later? You do everything on your own time because the boss is not around and as long as you do your job properly, there will be no problem. I usually do everything as soon as I can because of 1) sometimes it's slow, sometimes it's fast. You never know, so I do my things fairly quickly.

3. You meet some of the most nice people and also some of the most interesting. Now, I might be very easy to please, but I love to meet tourists and I love to meet regulars who come to the place. I think it's nice to recognize them and small-talk with them. Mind you that I am a bit anti-social at times, but sometimes I'm pretty chatty. I usually avoid talking to people, but sometimes I like to. I'm not going to lie, I'd talk to cute foreign girls/boys if I find them interesting. Like the other day, I was working and 3 of the cutest German boys came in and they were so adorz!! They didn't speak German so well, but damn they were so adorable and cute!!! I didn't talk to them though, but I wanted too :-( I regretted it a lot!!! The other time, I met an exchange student from Brazil and she was so nice.

4. You always eat delicious (probably a little too fattening) food. The chefs will make you some good food like duck and vegetables or maybe chicken or something like that. You never go hungry.

5. You're decide when you have a break unless there's customers. You can always take your laptop to work if you're bored :-)

A WHOLE FIVE GOOD THINGSS!!! My conscience feels better now.

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