Back from Esbjerg; busy week

∼December 1, 2011∼

I'm back home with mom and dad. We had a ride from Esbjerg home which is good because otherwise we'd have to use money to get back home. Money is what you need when it's soon Christmas so we can't be using them too much! ;-)
This week I'm not working because I told my boss I couldn't and I also told her that I wanted to discuss working times with her. I'm so relieved that I don't need to work. Just thinking about work gets me all irritated. Ugh. FML really.

I'm hoping this week will be fun. I'm going to a class reunion tomorrow and the day after that I'm going to a Christmas party in Aarhus which is another city. I'm a little busy because my sister and I need to find some presents for this Christmas party. I think that we exchanging presents when we're there.
I have to buy a couple of little things too, so I hope I can manage to do everything by tomorrow.

Ahhh, nothing's better than home. It's weird to spend so much time at another person's house~
--but the trip to see Emely was definitely worth being a from home.

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