∼November 12, 2011∼

The day has come and I finally own a domain name!
I can now be found @ both www.esohlee.blogspot.com & www.esohlee.com.

I contemplated this a lot and I always wondered if I really needed it, but the answer was easy. Truthfully I don't actually need a domain-name because really? My blog is just a personal blog and nothing more, nothing fancy or anything. The reason that really pushed was that I don't want to regret not getting it in case someone decides to snag the name first.

The chances for that is minimal, but why risk it? In these times it's extremely difficult to find a good domain name and I even managed to get a .com one so I love it.  I know[esohlee] is a pretty unique name which is why I want it. I'd be sad if I didn't have it..
Besides having a good domain name, it's also incredibly hard to decide what name you want. I just luckily found the right name for me and this just adds to all the other reasons to why I should own a domain name. My heart is set on it and I'm never changing it.

It's cute, simply and unique. What more can I ask for? so...

- sally

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