Tired of Work? Make Velvet cupcakes!

∼November 6, 2011∼

Working in my aunt's shop is actually not so bad. I don't actually work in the busiest hours which means I don't have stress nor have panic attacks.
Today I opened the store at 12AM and I was so beat! I was with two friends yesterday so naturally I was tired the next day. The day was not so stressful because there seem to be no people whatsoever in the streets. Sundays sure are slow~ I worked from 12AM to 4PM on Sundays and it was the longest 4 hours of my life. I think I prefer more people than no people. Where are everyone? As I was waiting on customers, I realized how exhausted you become when you do NOTHING. I had no laptop to kill time with and I heard the same music over and over again. I hate doing nothing. Also I hate that your clothes smell like sh!t after work.

While I was bored, I texted Sister and asked her if we should do like a cozy cupcake/movie night. You know relax and do nothing. I wanted to make velvet cupcakes because they look so delicious! Sis did the shopping and of course I did the baking (Sandy was there though).

They came out really nice and it tastes sooooo goood~ I think those are my favorite cupcakes now!

We each ate one with a cup of milk! It was really delicious.

Sandy had a movie ready which was PS I LOVE YOU. It was amazingly good. I don't remember when I've cried so much and so often during a movie. I'm not sure if I was always like this, but I think I have become overly sensitive and emotional after my surgery. I cry over nothing these days...

Other than that, it was just a really nice and relaxing day.. Tomorrow it's work again! but luckily it's a lot later!

Read more for more pictures of the velvet cupcakes!


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