Study Time in the Library

∼November 11, 2011∼

I went to the Library today. I love going to the library because everything feels so nostalgic. In middle school I spent a lot of my free time there. I always went with my friends, but I loved going there alone too. Just sitting in the library and looking at books. I'd always look after books to read and I mostly did it after school because it had a relaxing effect on me. If I ever needed a break or needed to get away from the busy world outside, I'd go to the library.

The place is really amazing. It brings back some happy memories in me. Innocent memories from when I was younger. I miss those times. Everything seemed so simple back then, but it changed for the best.

Now I don't go there so often and the place has changed a lot. I don't even know where to find the good books- I felt like a lost lamb, but I managed to borrow the books "PS I LOVE YOU" & "GOLD BOY, EMERALD GIRL". I plan to start reading again which should be good for me because I'm getting dumber and dumber for each day. I can't wait to start school next year. 

- sally 

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