Portrait of Myself

∼November 25, 2011∼

This portrait was drawn a day after my cousin's picture. I was told that my portrait didn't really look like me which is bummer because it is supposed to look alike otherwise my attempt is pretty failure. Even though I put a lot of effort and I tried my best, I agree with their opinion. There's something off with this portrait.

In the beginning I hesitated to draw the portrait, but I ran out of things to draw. If it wasn't because I was in such a good mood for drawing, I'd wouldn't pick myself as the subject. It's odd to draw oneself; I always have a tendency to draw what I want to see in myself.

Drawing self-portraits are odd. Or at least I think it is. It just doesn't feel natural for me.
I need to practice more, he he. In attempt to practice more, I'll try to post a portrait every Friday so I have to at least draw one each week  maybe 'portrait Friday'?

- see ya later as I'm currently working now: sally ♥..

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