Portrait of Brother

∼October 25, 2011∼

I made a portrait of my brother. This is the first time where I have photographed my process from start to finish. I'm doing this to show how I make the portraits and also to see where I'm making my errors. As of now, I'm very pleased with the result. At first I was afraid that the portrait might not be successful, but after the touch ups and constantly fixing it, I think the portrait looks alike so I'm satisfied.
I just need to sprayfix the portrait and I'm done! If I continue to make these portrait, like once a week, I could buy a map or something and call it my portfolio !!

This is my forth 'real' portrait. My next will either be of myself or of my cousin. I'm still contemplating on what would be best to draw. I have promised my cousins that I'd draw them, but I've already drawn my sister and brother which means I'm the only one left  But it's weird to draw oneself.. So it's best to draw others.. Maybe sometime in the future, I could also draw a celebrity! If I'm improving that's it.

Here's the end result:

Click the link 'Read More' to see the process  

Outline first
Eyes after
Around the eyes
Something I can't live without when drawing
Doing eyes again, adding darker values
Starts doing base of nose
Lips, nose and ear
Correcting lips and smile
Adding darker values, does neck
Contrast, darker values, more neck etc.
doing the clothes and the hair and we're done!

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