Ow! My Feet HURT :-(

∼November 19, 2011∼

I was out last night to this Asian party and it was actually better than expected. I didn't get totally hammered, but just enough to keep me buzzing. This time was a lot funnier than the previous Asian party. I think it's because there were more people and we had an artist too (PHONG LE)-- Some people were very excited about him. Honestly I don't think he's worth the amount I paid in entrance because he raps and rapping in Vietnamese is so unusual?! I could barely understand what he was rapping, but what I did understand was hilarious!

Other than that, it was a nice night. I think it's crazy how different the atmosphere was compared to a regular clubbing place. IMO Asians are so fucking snooty and bitchy-- now I'm mostly talking about the females here, but really? What's the point of being the bitch of the club? I'm not going to like you and everyone will still think you're a bitch! There was this incident where I was heading to the dance floor and to get there, you have to go down some steps. A girl was standing there so I carefully walked by her and this bitch purposely gave me the shoulder-push! O-M-GEEE, I was not happy. She gave me this dirty look like if it was me who had pushed her. I think she thought that I was going to bump into her or push her or something like that. Crazy bitch. I just glared back at her and did gestures like "you're such a bitch" and "wth!". She went away after that and seriously hope that she got embarrassed because of how she acted! Sometimes I don't get why girls are like that because I would never just push another person! She was a bitch and I don't even know why. She wasn't even pretty or anything so I don't know where the hell she would get that arrogance from..
That was just a short 5 minutes of the night. The rest of the night was great. The guys were okay; many were very handsome I guess. Maybe a little too short :-) but who cares. The only bad thing about the night was and *is* the pain in my feet. When we went home, my feet hurt so much! I bought these stickers so my heels wouldn't slip, but that means I got rid of those gel-insoles that I bought as a buffer between my feet and the ground. MY GOD MY FEET HURT SO BAD; I have like four or five blisters now. I'm never wearing heels without my insoles! I haven't had a blister for 1 year ½ so this feels like hell :-(

so recapping, the highlights:
  • many people
  • pretty people and handsome guys
  • artist, who pumped the audience
  • creepy douche always wanted to dance
  • ok songs
  • basically nice time

BTW. today was actually my day-off because I asked her for a day-off which she agreed. But to my surprise my aunt 'begged' me to work today even though I had the day off. She did it in a sort of funny way so I figured she was going to the party too and I was right. I met her in club and also many of my aunt's friends. It was a lot of fun and you'd think that I'd be embarrassed to see so many adults, but all my aunts are cool so I don't mind seeing their friends either. If we're talking about my family in general, they are preeetty awesome.

Because I had work today, I was so tired! I woke up late and missed the bus so I had to drive to work. When I came to the shop, I did everything I was supposed to do, but I yawned like a zillion times and I couldn't focus properly. To top it of, there were so many people today. I did all sorts of shit that I don't usually do. This is my first time it's been so busy in the store! Of all days, why is today the busiest day!

Arrh~ now I'm just lying in my bed and watching IT'S ALWAYS SHINING IN PHILADELPHIA. 
God, I love Charlie Day!

- cya! sally..

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